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Have you started your journey of construction digitalization, or have you already reached your destination? Are you where you want to be?
We have a challenge for you - take Congrid as your construction quality partner and test us with your first Congrid-project up to March 2020.
We guarantee, you will enjoy the ride with us.
Are you searching for the perfect solution to increase quality and safety management?
Successful implementation of digital tools requires a service provider that offers more than just a product. We have a solution for you. Our approach introduces smarter ways of working relating to safety and quality by managing inspections and monitoring the progress of each work stage in real time, all in the same platform. The straightforward solution reduces quality costs, improves safety and maximizes site productivity. 
 Why choose us?
  • Manage safety and quality inspections wherever you are 
  • Monitor the progress of each work stage in real time, all in the same app 
  • Stop losing data and understand the overall status of projects at a glance 
  • Improve productivity and facilitate everyday production 
  • Enhance quality management and reduce costs 
  • Save time in reporting inspections 
  • Involve your contractor network in process without any additional costs 
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